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Lashes & Brows

What the heck is a Lash Lift? Basically - it's a perm for your lashes! How is works is I use a skin/hair safe adhesive to shape your lashes around a half-moon shaped shield. Then I apply perm solution, then fixing solution, then I tint the lashes black, last I apply a nourishing Keratin Treatment oil to protect the delicate lash hair. 

What the heck is a Brow Lamination? Kind of the same process! I shape and trim the brows to look smoother and fuller. This helps unruly curly brows or brows that may have a bald spot. Then I apply perm solution (which actually straightens the hairs!), then fixing solution, then I tint the brows a complimentary color to your hair and skin  (this also covers grey and baby hairs to make the brows more full looking), last I apply the nourishing Keratin Treatment oil.  A Brow wax is also included in this service!

Both services last around 6-8 weeks as that is our natural hair cycle. So when new hairs grow in, we do the service again! Each service takes about 30-45 minutes total, together both take about 45-60 minutes. 

The total Eye Makeover image.jpg

Lash Lift & Tint (75)

A perm for the lashes to create a curl to the lashes which makes the eyes more defined and wide-open looking!

Brow Lamination & Tint (85)

A straightening and shaping service that helps make brows more prominent and frame the whole face!

The Total Eye Makeover (135)

Save $25 by combining these 2 services. The eyes are the windows to the soul, lets open them up!

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